Greetings to all,

Word and Sacrament ministry here at Faith, come join us.

So...what is Word and Sacrament?

Well, God comes to us in His Word, proclaimed in a sermon, spoken in Scripture, also in the good hymns we sing.
We also have God present, in the Eucharist, His Body and Blood, through bread and wine.
This is Church, this is God in worship, so good.
Try it out, ask makes sense.
I do believe.

Pastor Prentice

Desire a Church Home??

Let's cut to the chase. Faith Lutheran is different than every Church in Westchester.

We offer true Biblical Worship. We come into His house to be fed His Word, His Sacraments. Yes, the believers understand, the visitors, we welcome all, and will help you understand.

You will never hear Pastor Prentice say traditional, contemporary, or blended worship. Worship is bowing down the King of Kings, and listening to His Word in His Presence.

We offer you Christ, the Word, the empty tomb as you see in the stained glass window here.

We offer the cross and Jesus who died for all sins, all sinners.

We do not believe good works save, they flow from a saved person.

We believe in the Holy Sacraments, Baptism and the Eucharist (Body and Blood of Christ). It is much more than just a fellowship meal.
Sacraments are not Law obeyed, but Grace of God received.

We believe that Jesus saves, no Jesus or if you still wait for the Savior, "not good for you soul."

We believe in proper Biblical interpretation. Some Churches error on issues of marriage, etc.
Yes, Biblical and blessed marriage unions are between a man and a woman.

Do you have a faith that saves? Do you have a faith that is being sustained?

If you cannot answer these simple questions, you must come to our Church to hear about a saving faith and then a sustained faith.

Saving faith begins at the foot of the cross where Jesus died, then rose to life eternal. Through faith alone are you saved; not by works or being a good person. Without the Cross and Jesus Christ, you truly have no saving faith at all.

To sustain faith, you truly do need Confession/Absolution, a proper Biblical view of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion, and yes, you need to come to Church for worship.

Perhaps a bold statement to start the conversation, but if you want to be assured of the promise of Salvation, a place in Heaven, only the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod proclaims and teaches a totally proper theology (a proper belief structure), which is rooted solely in Scripture alone, in Gods Word.

What you get here at Faith Lutheran is a saving and sustaining faith proclaimed, taught, and supported by all that God offers through His Divine Grace.

Reverend David L. Prentice, Jr. - Pastor

Faith Lutheran Church of Westchester

Why join Faith?

Sure, a bigger Church has more services scheduled. You could "get lost" in the crowd at worship time. Perhaps you could do "your own thing" with God, no one will notice.

What we offer is an environment of Christian love and respect for one another. Many people have commented on "how friendly and wonderful" Faith Lutheran treats their visitors. But you have to be nice. After all, Jesus died on the cross and rose again for ALL PEOPLE. A good Christian wants to extend their hand to those who seek Christ.

Let us help you in your journey.
In a nutshell, what do Lutheran's believe?

Jesus Christ alone

In today's all inclusive world, we must stress that only through Jesus Christ do we gain Salvation; in Scripture, there is no other way (even though many try and find another way). Jesus said in John 14:6, " Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Grace alone

God loves the people of the world, even though they are sinful, rebel against Him and do not deserve His love. He sent Jesus, His Son, to love the unlovable and save the ungodly.

Scripture alone

The Bible is God's inerrant and infallible Word, in which He reveals His Law and His Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ. It is the sole rule and norm for Christian doctrine.

Faith alone

By His suffering and death as the substitute for all people of all time, Jesus purchased and won forgiveness and eternal life for them. Those who hear this Good News and believe it have the eternal life that it offers. God creates faith in Christ and gives people forgiveness through Him.

Our Mission Together at Faith

The mission of Faith Lutheran Church is to proclaim the Word of God to all people; to teach, preach, and administer His Word and Sacraments through proper Biblical Worship (guided by our Lutheran Confessions) and Practice.